Chata Biosystems - Custom reagents in flexible packaging for highly regulated industries
Chata Biosystems

If you require highly regulated support solutions or customized reagents for your laboratory or production operations, Chata Biosystems wants to be your supplier of choice.

Why Chata?

Because our expertise goes beyond merely blending chemical solutions to the highest standards. We focus on how to add value into your process through innovative packaging and unsurpassed quality.  Our solutions become your solution as they integrate into your day to day - seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively. We tailor our products, packaging, and deliveries to match how and when you use them.

By using Chata to outsource your support solutions, we help you gain back critical time for analysis or production. Our comprehensive quality-control and quality-assurance practices, including lot traceability, make it easy for your custom reagents to stand audit. We lead the pack in innovation and customer service. We're fast, responsive, and committed to your success.

With Chata, you get more than just world-class products and support; you get one less thing to worry about.

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