Chata Biosystems Launches New Proprietary CHEM+POUR Packaging



LOVELAND, Colorado, October 2015---Chata Biosystems, a leading manufacturer of custom reagents in flexible packaging is pleased to introduce new proprietary CHEM+POUR™ packaging, a stand-up pouch with a spout!

"Our CHEM+POUR™ Bag is the newest addition to our custom-engineered delivery system," commented Product Manager Aaron Schieving. "Due to the collapsible design, the CHEM+POUR™ has the characteristics of a bottle with the benefits of a smoother, more controlled pour and less waste after use."

Chata is committed to helping each company they partner with to gain a competitive advantage while providing the solutions and reagents you need, when you need them. They are accomplishing this everyday by setting the new standard for reagents and solutions. Chata's goal is to support you in every facet of the work you do everyday by providing the best products.

For more information on Chata and its CHEM+POUR™ Bag, visit or contact Bob Brook at bbrook(at)