Reduce Your Environmental Impact with CHEM+POUR by Chata

Reduce your trash by 84 percent!


As a tissue processor, consider the significant volumes of chemicals and reagents you use in your process every day. Think about the volume of these solutions it takes to process one donor. Chemicals and reagents are a crucial part of your process and your business.

In March of 2015, President Obama issued an Executive Order—Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade.  The goal of this order is to reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent over the next decade while at the same time fostering innovation, reducing spending, and strengthening our communities. Section 4, J, ii includes a directive to divert at least 50 percent of non-hazardous solid waste, including food and compostable material annually, and pursuing opportunities for net-zero waste or additional diversion opportunities.  This order went on to effect at the start of the fiscal year 2016.

Chata Biosystems wants to help you become more sustainably responsible by achieving this reduction.  It’s easier than you may think.  

The picture below shows 100 4L empty bottles and 100 4L empty CHEM+POUR Bags; each contained in 38”x65” bags.  The difference is 91.1 cubic feet of trash.  That’s amazing!  By converting to the CHEM+POUR Bags, for every 100 bottles used you could be discarding 91.1 cubic feet less trash which equates to an 84% decrease.

As remarkable as this waste reduction is on its own, there are numerous other benefits to converting to the CHEM+POUR Bag.  A bag designed to meet your specific needs for aseptic pouring without breaching the sterile field while providing a smoother, more controlled pour. A bag that decompresses as you pour eliminating the glug and splashing associated with bottles.  A bag designed to hold any solutions including acids and light sensitive ones.  A bag ergonomically designed with technician comfort in mind.  A bag that allows you to right size the volume filled in 1-4L bags to reduce waste.  A bag subjected to rigorous testing to give you one less thing to worry about in the evolving regulatory landscape. All of this plus the added benefits of requiring the same shelf space as a bottle. 

Chata is committed to helping each tissue processor gain a competitive advantage while honoring the gift of donation.  We are accomplishing this everyday by setting the new standard for reagents and solutions.  Our goal is to support you in every facet of the lifesaving and life-enhancing work you do every day by providing the best products.  Considering you only have one opportunity to process a donor, wouldn’t you want the absolute best?  Does your current reagents and solutions supplier support this same commitment?  Join the other processors already benefiting from our products and ask the questions to ensure you are on the right path.  If you need a guide, Chata Biosystems can help!