At Chata, we view each and every client as a business partner as well. We cultivate strong relationships through maintaining confidentiality, encouraging efficiencies, and working to help solve any issues a client may face. While we strive to provide solutions to any and every problem, the following are some of the major issues we serve:

Testing and Manufacturing Consistency

Our products are made to the exact specifications of our clients including traceability for each chemical component and solvent. Any additional quality release testing required by a client may also be performed at any step throughout production. By manufacturing products in larger quantities and shipping as needed (scheduled quantities or multiple site shipping), the same lot can be used longer and batch variance is decreased.

Limited Work Space and Personnel

Manufacturing groups and QC labs face a constant struggle to maximize throughput with minimized resources. Chata bridges this gap by decreasing client lab time dedicated to solution preparation and inherent documentation, while also increasing available work areas through cutting the need for many fixed assets and their time involved in the manufacturing process.

Storage Issues and Production Constraints

Our versatile assortment of packaging types and sizes are convenient for companies ranging from small labs using milliliter quantities to large manufacturing operations using thousands of liters. Many of our packaging types also offer closed-system environments that maintain sterility throughout use and can protect the products from contamination in more taxing environments.

Maintenance Relief

Shutdowns due to maintenance issues (especially water systems) are a common theme among manufacturing companies. Chata can bridge these manufacturing gaps as a primary or secondary supplier of USP purified water and other packaged solutions.

Safety Issues

Maintaining numerous Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and confronting the immediate safety issues with storing concentrated and hazardous materials can be overwhelming. By allowing Chata to produce your solutions, solutions are maintained in less concentrated forms, technicians can often use solutions with minimal chance of coming into contact with a hazardous liquid (closed-system), and only one MSDS and expiration date will need to be maintained for even the most complex solutions.

Minimizing Raw Materials Testing

Many companies have procedures that require all raw materials used throughout their processes to be tested. Chata minimizes this on-site testing by combining multiple quality tested raw materials into one lot of a solution for which a Certificate of Analysis is maintained.

Compliance Related Issues

Whether stemming from a client or FDA audit, a strong and speedy fix to any compliance related issue can come from third party sourcing. Chata produces reliable solutions with documentation that can meet or exceed any customer needs.