Quality Policy

We believe Quality must exist in all business operations, not just production and are committed to producing high quality products to exceed all our customers’ needs. Using strong quality programs, our knowledgeable team is developing innovative ideas to continually improve our customer service while maintaining product quality. We firmly believe that with successful quality systems, we will continue to provide high quality products and services to satisfy our customers.

Mission Statement

Chata Biosystems will conduct itself with the Quality, Production, and Management practices necessary for its growth. Recognizing all of these are critical, we will dedicate ourselves with the following:

COMMIT our resources, time and talents to the success of our customers

COMMIT that our products meet or exceed the highest levels of quality and purity

COMMIT to an open and honest culture of continual improvement of our products, processes, and people

COMMIT to the betterment of our employees and their families, the prosperity of our customers, and the protection of our environment

Manufacture to cGMP and Q7A Requirements

Chata is committed to support our customers and produce the highest quality product through process consistency, product reproducibility and complete traceability from raw material receipt to final product release. Chata is continually improving their quality program and understanding customer needs through regular customer audits.

Facilities - Capabilities





ISO 9001: 2008


ISO 13485:2003


Purified Water USP (Bulk and Packaged)


WFI Quality Water (Bulk and Packaged)


Standard Solutions(buffers, mobile phases, media)


Custom Blends (Solid or Liquid)


Private Labeling


Open or Closed System Custom Packaging (100mL to 1000L)


Product Stability Study



Quality Management System  Certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003